What mats should I use?

Yes it can get confusing, even most commercial ops struggle with this. We strongly suggest you watch the Proportional Force video. It’s like a college course on gold recovery sluices. That video is below. But the first video is Doc discussing which mat to use. 


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What mat to use video…

Still not sure? Read → THIS PAGE before Emailing us.

Proportional Force Video – Click Button to show it. 

How to make mats video – Click button to show it.

Glue and Tape

This link will take you to the FIVE pack of glue. It’s worth having the extra around FYI.  DO NOT use gels or any other versions. Use the liquid only.  YES… this is what we use at the shop.








This is the SAME tape we use at the shop. You’ll have an option for multi roll packs too.





Gold Dredges

By their nature… dredges are rather inefficient when it comes to capturing fine gold.  You have unclassified material running through a short sluice and the water is deep and fast.  2-4 seconds is all you have for gold to settle and be captured.  Unfortunately there’s not a lot you can do about it if you currently own a dredge.  Because the water is deep and fast most manufactures install big riffle systems. This creates turbulence and the loss of fine gold.  We have several examples of people that have converted their dredges of to our mats. By doing this they increase the recovery rates, reduce the amount of concentrates, and cleanups are a breeze.  BUT STILL… you are working with the same dredge.  A pig is a pig even when you put lipstick on it.  So, dredges need to outfitted with a lot of TALON MAT up top, then mostly alternating talon and trimmed riverhog.  Maybe throw in a scrubber further down.   READ THIS → PAGE and it will help.