The World’s Largest, Scalable Highbanker.

$1949.20 plus shipping 

The new SUPER HOG is the world’s largest, scalable, portable, highbanker with a TON of features.  This new design not only allows the unit to be changed in size for the job at hand, but also allows customization for the material being run. All matting is pre-made and included. 

Using a cheap 2″ semi-trash pump (over 8000 gph)  the unit can run 3-6 tons / yards per hour. If you convert that into “buckets” it’s roughly 200 – 300 buckets of pay per hour.  It works very well being fed by a small conveyor or secondary wash / feed system. BELOW… You can see just how portable the SuperHog is.  All matting is pre-made and included.


The Super Hog now comes STANDARD with the clay claw and Header flares. You will have to install the headers flares yourself. (See Video)  You MUST ORDER BOTH BOXES.  The Super Hog ships in two boxes and both must be ordered or your ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED.  Production time is roughly 4-7 business days. You will get a notification when it ships. Shipping is calculated when you check out.  

BOX #1 

BOX #2 



The unit can be run in several lengths.

Below a SuperHog being fed by conveyor.

Run bucket after bucket after bucket…
The unit can keep a crew of 4 – 8 people going NON-STOP all day long.

The CLAY CLAW holds rocks until they are clean.
Simply lift and release once they are clean.



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