Add Power to Your Stream Sluice

VERY strong and sturdy. It’s not a cut, fold, and rivet construction. It’s special bending design and tig welding, make it VERY rigid and it has a lifetime warranty. It really is a thing of beauty.  There is no need to remove your stream sluice flare. It attaches to most 10” wide stream sluices without having to remove it leaving a great DUMPING / feeding area for dirt.
The Power Pig sends the water to the sluice system in the OPPOSITE direction of most conventional power heads. This means you can dump dirt on the flare, watch it scrub the dirt, and work rocks by hand. Simply push out large rocks off the open end of your sluice.
It comes with plumbing mounts for both 1& 1/8” (Conventional bilge pump hose)  and 1.5” hoses. This means you can use anything from a 1000 gph bilge pump all the way up to a 2” semi-trash pump. (necked down to 1.5”)
Slotted front attachment allows you to adjust the angle of the incoming water. Shoot the water where you need it.
Comes with the BOX… and two plumbing attachment s. (Hoses of course are not included.)

Video explains it all..


$79.86 plus shipping
US Shipping via USPS Priority Mail $12.80
(If ordering WITH the stream sluice, we will credit back shipping costs.)