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Fall Sale 2019

Please Read Points Carefully

1- 10% off any PRODUCT order over $200 (does not include shipping costs) 

2- The 10% discount will be REFUNDED once your order has shipped. 

3 – Can not be combined with any other sale or previous offer. 

4- Sale starts Monday 10-14-2019

Example: If you order is $180 plus $25 shipping, there is no discount.
If your order is $201 plus $25 shipping, you get 10% off the $201 product price.

Six Months no Interest…

This is offered by PayPal and has NOTHING to do with us.  When you are checking out you will see this offer as a payment method. Click on it and apply.  You get 6 months to pay and after that it runs at a HIGH interest rate, so pay it off before the 6 months. But it is a good way to buy now and pay later.

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