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Starts Friday December 28

#1 -The Cold Fever Sale starts Friday Dec 28 

#2 – It will end at ANY TIME… there is no set end date. 

#3 – It is the LAST sale before the mining season starts. 

#4 – The 10% discount will be refunded ONCE YOUR PRODUCT SHIPS

#5 – It is 10% off  all PRODUCT orders over $200, not including shipping.

#6 – If you want 6 months financing see info near bottom. 

This is the last sale before the mining season starts. Once it starts we are too busy to be running discounts and have trouble keeping up with orders.  Acting NOW is the right way to buy.  It is 10% off all PRODUCT orders over $200 not including shipping.  So if you order $197 worth of product and the shipping is $20 you do not get the 10%.  Your 10% sale discount will be refunded once your product ships.  Thanks The GoldHog gang. 


Six Months no Interest…

This is offered by PayPal and has NOTHING to do with us.  When you are checking out you will see this offer as a payment method. Click on it and apply.  You get 6 months to pay and after that it runs at a HIGH interest rate, so pay it off before the 6 months. But it is a good way to buy now and pay later.

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