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This is the INFORMATION PAGE on our matting. It has all the info you need to order mats, make mats, etc. Once you have decided which mats are right for your system go to the → ORDER PAGE.  BEFORE ordering you should watch the video below and it explains how our mats work and are made by YOU. 

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The #1 High-Tech sluice mat in the USA. 

Made in the USA from heavy EPDM Rubber GoldHog® sluice mats are… heavy duty, flexible, excellent heat, ozone and weather resistant. Can perform from 200 degrees to -20 degrees. Expected life span is 10+ years in standard sluicing operations, and 3-5 years in large commercial mining operations. Weight is approximately 1 pound per foot. (about 4 pounds per 36″ wide mat.)

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Most mat orders ship the next BUSINESS DAY. U.S. orders ship via UPS. Outside the lower 48 and international ship USPS Priority Mail.  We generally stock about $ 1/4 million worth of matting at all times, ready to ship.



The Talon Mat




The Talon mat is Doc’s  #1 workhorse mat. It has a massive BITE… but not a lot of turbulence. Great for highbankers, dredges, and stream sluices that have strong flow.  It’s great for catching a WIDE variety of gold shapes and sizes, from large nuggets, to super fines. If Doc could only chose ONE MAT in his highbanker… this would be it.

Like ALL our mats it is sold in 36″ (wide) x 6″ (long) STRIPS only that you cut to size and glue.  Yes, we said 36″ wide, watch the video above if you don’t understand that.

goldhog sluice mat wide




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Click to expand data sheet. 








Motherlode Mat



Quickly becoming the industry’s #1 mat for SUPER FINE gold, including beach gold, the motherlode mat is a great performer in just about all sluices. Most people use it at the END of their sluice system. Some use it exclusively because they are targeting 100 – 300 mesh flour gold.

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Click to expand data sheet. 

Scrubber Mat




The scrubber mat is designed to LIFT the slurry, then let it fall onto the capture surfaces following the ramp. Note… there is NOT an aggressive vortex after the ramp.  It’s a different concept than most visualize.  We like to add a few pieces of scrubber to just about everything we run because of this feature.

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RiverHog Mat





The Riverhog mat creates a strong CUTTING action and a strong vortex. Much like a tradition riffle.  The awesome thing about the Riverhog riffle is that it can be trimmed to YOUR needed height, and to either a cut or throw angle. (Explained in the video)  You can use it in ANY sluice as long as you match the water depth with the riffle height, but it’s great for the top of dredges where water is rough as well.

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UR Mat

The UR mat has ZERO flow interruption and only processes the BED LOAD of the slurry.  Think of it as a SLICK PLATE that actually captures gold… instead of it just riding by.

DownDraft Mat

The downdraft mat works well in lower velocity settings. It’s step down design presents 3 different exchange areas and all these areas will look different at shut down.  Do NOT use this mat in sluices that are HIGH energy such as dredges.  We use this in more calm and smooth areas such as extensions and flares.

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Razorback Mat

The Razorback mat has been redesigned for 2018. It can now handle higher velocity water and is a good mat. It replicates more of a traditional RIFFLE. We like to use a few of these mats in our run and is a good mat to pair with Talon and Riverhog.

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Yukon Mat

The Yukon mat was originally designed to be used under 4 pound large expanded metal for commercial ops.  However, after testing it BARE… many prospectors simply LOVE it for fine gold.  Many people running beach sands use this mat and motherlode mat alone for 100 – 300 mesh gold.

Washer Mat

The NUMBER ONE job of the washer mat is a STRIPPING mat in the Multi Sluice.  However many prospectors now use it on fine beach sands as well.

 New Wave Mat

The new Wave mats have a LOT of technical data to go with them.

Therefore they have their own page. Click the pic below to visit. 

Commercial Size Pre-Made Mats

We currently offer 2 of our mats in a commercial size for ops. We offer the Yukon mat and Motherlode Mat.  The size of these mats are… 36″ wide and roughly 46″ long.

Coming soon….

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