The World’s Best Concentrate Cleaner?

Want to speed up your cleaning times?  Want to strip your concentrates down to almost pure gold? The Multi Sluice is the perfect cleanup system for ANY prospector or miner.  It’s even used by full scale operations. It’s not a toy.

This Video Tells You EVERYTHING…

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See the results…

The final STRIPPING step is a BLESSING for most miners and prospectors.  It takes your final cons down to almost pure gold.


  1. Remember, we sell the PUMP KIT separate since many people have the needed pump and hose. However, if you do ORDER IT… it saves you time and money. It’s a pain chasing around all those parts.
  2. Make sure you select the right location below.

U.S. orders lower 48 states   $339 + $28 shipping

US lower 48 orders

Alaska orders  $339 + $52 shipping

 Alaska Orders

Canada orders  $339 + $88 shipping

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 Canada orders – Phone Required for Customs

Optional Pump and Hose Kit

Pump kit $38.75  can only be ordered with the Multi Sluice