Mini Stream Sluice

$99 + Shipping

(Option Leg Kit Shown)

mini stream sluice

New for 2022 the Mini Stream Sluice is NOT a toy. Our mini stream sluice is built with the same high quality as all our highbankers and comes with matting pre-made.  NOTE: The are 3 options when ordering so use the drop down box when placing the order. Legs are NOT included with the option #1 / basic sluice. 

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* Ordering Notes * 

+ US orders only at the current time.

+ Orders are shipped out in 1-2 business days.  

+There are 3 options  a) BASIC sluice without legs… b) Sluice with legs and leg brackets… c) the full package with leg kit and power feeder box. 

+ If you need the bilge pump kit we list it at the bottom of the page but it ships separately 


Actual Gold Caught in Mini Sluice


The new mini stream sluice is a great tool for exploring and testing remote areas. Also, for those working bedrock and crevicing, it’s a great way to clean up cons so you’re not packing out the extra weight.  It can be used on just about any stream flow but moderate to high flows really work well. 

Bilge Pump Full Kit

Our own 1100 gph  FULL KIT  

US orders only.

Includes 1100 gph bilge pump, extra heavy wire, clamps, and 5 feet of bilge hose.