Currently Out of Stock

We won’t be retailing our Hog Moss for a several months.

During this time you can order moss via Amazon.

Click the link below to see your options.


We ship our Hog Moss at a flat rate charge anywhere in U.S. , but shipping on small orders is expensive outside the US. Therefore, we ask that you find a local source. If ordering a large amount, or mixing with a mat order, we often can accommodate those order. However, Doc feels that it’s not a good VALUE to make small orders.


Many Commercial Ops must use Miner’s Moss due to larger configurations and current plant set ups. Also, many people simply like to use it.  We often use it under our header box, over the UR mat.

The problem with traditional miner’s moss?
Traditional miner’s moss works well, but it is very “soft” and “spongy” to the feel. Because of its “lower density” make up, it often will protrude through expanded metal and up behind riffles.  This takes up / fills up the space that vortexes are designed to create. Not good…

The new HOG MOSS ™ is a little different.

No clogging / blocking of vortexes…
Hog Moss™ is “firmer” to the feel. It resists compressing down when under riffles and under expanded metal. This leaves space behind riffles and allows for a greater exchange rate.

Easier clean ups…
Clean up is much easier and time spend unclogging the moss is reduced by about 30%. Much less FINES and silt than traditional moss.

More heavies… fewer lights….
Light materials must struggle to get into the Hog Moss, therefore they are often exchanged out quickly. This maintains space for black sand and gold to settle and work down into the moss. Normal moss can fill up within minutes.

The right thickness….
Roughly .45 inches thick, it is the perfect depth. Many mosses are as think as one FULL inch which make them difficult to use.

Almost twice as strong as normal moss, Hog Moss™ is virtually indestructible. Just try and get it to tear or rip.

Better value…
Other miner’s moss is priced between $2.50 to over $3.00 an inch. At $2.19 an inch width, it is the best value on the market.

For GREAT results on FINE GOLD…
We have been running the Hog Moss over UR mat. Great results under our header box.

Flat Rate shipping…
$12 on any size order to the U.S.

Quick Ship…
Most orders shipped the next business day.

If you like miner’s moss… you’ll love the new Hog Moss™.

Cutting Note…
Our shop is instructed to cut the widths approximately 1/8″ to 1/4″ over your order size. This is to insure that you get a little overage. YOU will need to trim exactly to your sluice.

How to order?

All orders are 36″ long. You are ordering the WIDTH you want. So… order a quantity of 10, you will get a piece that is 10″ wide and 36″ long. Want a piece 16″ wide and 36″ long, add a quantity of 16.

Commercial Ops:
Need 36″ wide? Just use the quantity as your length. Need a mat 36″ wide by 15 feet long? Order quantity will be 180. (15 feet X 12 inches = 180)

MINIMUM ORDER is 6″ (6 units)

U.S. Orders ONLY… (we do fulfill larger Canadian orders. See below.)

$2.19 per inch wide. (ALL orders are 36″ long.)
You will be adding 1″ to your cart. Simply increase width once you get to your cart by adding quantity. Example: Need 12″ wide? Make quantity 12
(Minimum order is 6.)