We ARE shipping to some countries at this time. Canada, Europe, Australia, Switzerland, Australia – Canada – New Zealand  -Sweden -France -UK -Ireland -Poland -Denmark -Italy -Germany -Austria -Norway etc. We are NOT shipping to countries with poor mail services. 

Simply add to your cart and start check out process to see the rates. 


#2 If you are from another country… you must use the MYUS program Below Click Button to show MYUS Program Info

Yes, we ship to ANY country in the world, but we do so through an easy to use freight forwarder that charges on TOTAL WEIGHT… not package number or size which makes it much easier and more affordable. Watch video below.


Get Quick Quote→  HERE using the weights below.

Step #1
From the product list / weight chart below add up ALL THE ITEMS you wish to purchase and get a TOTAL WEIGHT.

Step #2
Click this link –> MyUS Ships Worldwide and a new window will open taking you to MyUS. There you can get a price quote for your country. If you like the price and want to order SIGNUP for the MYUS program. They will give you a US shipping address.

Step #3
Once you get your US address, place your order on our website just like you were ordering from the US and use your new MYUS address as your address on the order.
NOTE: Make sure your SHIPPING address is the new MYUS address regardless of your billing address. If using PayPal you might want to add it before placing the order.

That’s it…. you’re done.

Shipping Weights

Mats – Use and estimated weight of 3.6 pounds per mat.

(Example: 10 mats would be roughly 36 pounds)

FlowPan – 4 pounds.

Stream Sluice – 27 pounds

Stream Sluice + Power Pig – 29 pounds

Piglet – 30 pounds

Piglet + Extension – 40 pounds

Mini Extension – 13 pounds

Multi Sluice – 21 pounds

Hog Pan – 8 pounds

Raptor Flare  – 61 pounds

Raptor Flare Extension – 22 pounds

Super Hog 2 boxes – 65 pounds and 66 pounds TOTAL 131 Pounds