NEW – The Piglet Flare Mini Highbanker

$877 plus shipping 

piglet flare mini highbanker

Piglet Flare Summary…

The brand new Piglet Flare mini highbanker has been under development for almost a year, and we are proud to launch it early.  A lightweight, portable highbanker, that blends unique features of our larger units, into a portable size.  The unit comes complete with all matting pre-made and installed.  The unit is VERY efficient and can run over 60 buckets an hour of UNCLASSIFIED material and still maintain a 98% capture rate down to 100 mesh gold. 

NOTE: There are LOTS of details on this page, so please read them ALL.

(Flare only info is near bottom) 

Watch the full video to learn…


Piglet Flare Specs

  • All matting is pre-made and included. 
  • Approx 36 pounds field weight, including the matting. 
  • Upper sluice is 8″ wide, lower is 12″ wide. 
  • Both upper and lower sluices are 36″ long, middle flare connection is roughly 14″ long. 
  • Overall length is roughly 82″ 
  • Ships in one box with a shipping weight of roughly 44 pounds. 
  • Water / pump requirements.  Runs best at 4000 – 6000 GPH with a PSI of 40+ (Watch the video) 
  • 1.5″ pumping attachments on the header box.  You can easily adapt to 2″ with simple plumbing from Home Depot or Lowes. 
  • Can be converted to 2″ dredge, however we DO NOT sell any dredge conversion parts. VIDEO HERE
  •  The CLAY CLAW is an option, see accessories below. 


Ordering and Shipping

Most units leave our warehouse in 1-3 business days and ship via UPS ground. Shipping costs vary based on your region, see buttons below. 

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Clay Claw  $54 – Can only be ordered WITH unit. 


Back Pack Straps

← Click to see on Amazon, about $12



You can get this style handle at Lowes or Home Depot.

We attach with 1/4″ small bolts.




Recommended Pumps

You can run ANY pump as long as it puts out 4000 GPH and has roughly 38 PSI+ The PSI (pressure) is what gives the header box the great washing action.  LARGE pumps can be used, just neck them down and use a ball valve if you need to reduce flow more than idle.  In general… ELECTRIC pumps, such as bilge pumps, don’t have the PRESSURE needed to power the washing action. 

This is the pump Doc shows in the video. Should run about $170 with shipping. 

1.5″ pump, 7000+ GPH 

and the PSI is ABOUT 40 

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This is the Honda 1.5″ 

← Click to view, about $549 

Reducing 2″ water pump to 1.5″ headerbox fitting.





Flare Only – Current Piglet Owners $338 + Shipping

Flare only $338 +  shipping

Extension only for current Piglet owners.

Attaching the Flare to your current mini.

Install dampener mat and lay flare on flat surface. Leave a SMALL 3/16″ space between the top of the flare and the mini bottom leg bracket. Drill holes, attach bolts and washers as needed. NOTE: We supply extra washers to fill any gaps as older minis may have a space which is normal.  It will NOT impact the performance of the unit, but allows the flare to be used with ALL versions of the mini. 

Packing Up

Tips on Running

Set the unit up on a downhill slope if possible. This will LOWER the header box and make it easier to feed. The lower the better to prevent sore shoulders.

Start with the upper box at a 9 degree pitch and the lower about 5 degrees. Play around with the pitch and make sure you see fine black sand in the mats.

We clean the unit out about 2-3 times a day. Some people just lean the moss out to check and see if there is good gold.