Gold Prospecting Water Pumps and Hoses (below pumps)



  1. Doc made the decision from day one that we would not sell pumps and hoses simply because they are so available online already and selling them ourselves would only increase the cost to you. It made no sense.
  2. Buy them via the links we post.  These are the latest models and REALLY consider the extended warranty via Amazon.  Doc ALWAYS gets it. It’s dirt cheap and GREAT value.
  3. Hoses are below.
  4. If you need BILGE PUMPS …. go HERE >>>>> BILGE PUMP PAGE

Doc’s #1 choice for a water pump… 2″ semi-trash gas pump for highbanking. 

POWERS: Superhog – Raptor Flare – Mini (with ball valve below).

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We own 5  yes (five) of these pumps and they never seem to fail us.  They come with all the BASICS… to get started as well. (hoses, intakes, etc.)  It is a semi-trash pump rated at 9400 gallons per hour.  We run this close to idle for the Raptor, about 40% speed for the SuperHog, and we put a reducer valve for the Piglet mini.

Keep in mind that the psi on semi-trash pumps is always at about 42, so if you want to dredge you need to go with a high pressure pump, not a semi-trash.  Also keep in mind that this is a 2″ so a SIMPLE reducer is needed for most of our units (see below)


Doc’s #1 choice for highbanking AND… dredging.  2″ high pressure pump.

POWERS: Superhog – Raptor Flare – Mini (with ball valve below).

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We own 4 of these pumps and they never fail us.  Rated at 94 psi and 8120 gph this pump can actually power a 4″ dredge nozzle.  You can also run at idle and use for highbanking. The only WARNING is that these pumps need to have a FINE SCREEN over the intake.  They do not like sand and gravels.  We have run 1.5″ to 4″ dredge nozzles off this single pump.






Cheap High Pressure Pump?

One of the hardest things to find is a cheap high pressure pump. This pump SAYS it has 116 PSI and about 4000 gph. That should be plenty to power a dredge nozzle up to 3″.  We have NOT tested this pump but it’s 1/2 the cost of others.  Also you can get the 4 year extended warranty for $22.





Good Quality 1.5″ Smaller… Pump  

POWERS: Raptor Flare – Mini

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This is a GREAT 1.5″ pump that delivers 57 psi and about 6000 gph. It also cuts about 25 pounds off traditional water pumps.  Like all high pressure pumps YOU NEED TO PUT A FINE SCREEN OVER THE INTAKE.  High pressure pumps do not like sand and gravel.

It’s not cheap, but a good quality reliable pump.






Smaller 1.5″ pump for the mini highbanker – It can be used on the Raptor as well, but it JUST powers it.

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ONE WARNING… this pump does NOT have a RPM adjustment… not sure why, but it only runs at one speed. But we like it for the mini and add a ball valve so we can reduce the flow if needed.  It’s a China made pump but for the money… not a bad deal. If you go prospecting A LOT… step up to the Honda below.

PSI is about 40 so can not be used for dredging.





Small 1.5″ Honda pump – Small pump for highbanking.

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The WX series is a good pump used by lots of people. It gives you 4400 gph and can be used for the mini and can also power the Raptor FAIRLY well.  Again, we suggest a 2″ pump for the Raptor.  It’a a Honda so the price goes up with the quality. It’s NOT a high pressure pump.

Again… It will power the Raptor but you may lack a little of the destructive action in the header box.  They also make this ENGINE with a high pressure pump.

Both Keene and Jobe offer those and the GPH and PSI is better.



Lay Flat Hose all sizes

When you click the hose to the left, you’ll be taken to page where you can select 1.5″ or 2″ and several options on length.  Layflat runs between your pump and the header box.






Reducing the flow is easy when you make one of these.

If you’re using a high pressure water pump, non-semi trash, then making a fine screen is a good idea.