The World’s Fastest Gold Pan?

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There are two ways to order the FlowPan


Standard with flow through sides and Full Package with the additional solid sides and con box.

Most orders are shipped the next business day.

Watch the videos at and learn how to use it. It’s all about the technique and learning.

Multiple Patents Pending

1000s and 1000s of miners and prospectors around the world LOVE their FlowPans.  It’s being called the world’s fastest, because there is no longer a need to classify.  Simply dump in RAW, unclassified pay, work, flush, and you’re done. a full pan of dirt takes about 15 – 30 seconds.  A 5 gallon bucket can be worked in about 5-10 minutes.
FYI… It’s TOUGH as a beast. 

Photo Gallery

The 60 Second Quick Video 

This video FULLY explains the FlowPan

Featured in GPAA Magazine


Kevin Hoagland, a life long miner, prospector, and TV Show Host, gives the FlowPan a field test.  What’s great about this “VIEW” of the FlowPan is that like many miners, Kevin really does not like to PAN.

He quickly realizes that the new FlowPan takes panning from a PAIN… to a pleasure and that it is FAST… like we say it is.

On a side note… Kevin spends a lot of time in the desert.  He found the pan to work really well dry panning as well.









The Standard FlowPan – $109

Our #1 seller and what most need to buy. Includes the FlowPan with mat. 

Full FlowPan Package with Con Box conversion $216

Includes the FlowPan above, plus solid sides and the deep con box show below.

Conversion Kit for Current Owners

This kit includes the con box, mat, and two solid sides. US only contact us for other countries.

Conversion kit – $106  + $13.85 shipping