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What we need?

  1. Send a few pics of you with your flowpan, gold you found, where you were working, etc.
  2. Write up a PARAGRAPH…. sharing your thoughts about it.
  3. Need your first name… and state only. 


That’s it.

Email them to…   GoldHogWebsite@gmail.com

We’ll pick 10 winners randomly and they’ll get a big box of raw pay dirt with gold and gems.


“I have used the FlowPan for about a year now and it’s a tool that EVERY prospector and miner should own. Not only do we use it for testing before dredging but as a primary tool as well. On a recent trip with a buddy, that only had a regular pan, I was able to move twice the dirt and get twice the gold. That pretty much says it all.”  Jeremy  GA