Clean Up Videos

Prospecting Fine Gold Clean up

Prospecting Clean Ups with Fine Gold Doc and Jess cleanup some gold concentrates with tons of fine gold. Using the MultiSluice they strip down the concentrates to almost pretty much pure gold in one run. […]

Gold Prospecting

Mini Highbanker and Sluice Combo Package

The Full Combo Prospecting Package WARNING: Watch out for Facebook SCAMS.  We will not contact the winner. The winner will be posted.  The new combo package includes the Mini, the flare extension, the stream sluice […]

Gold Prospecting

2019 Highbanker Update

2019 Raptor Flare and SuperHog Update When designing both these units we felt the FLOW BREAK bar on the small flare out area was needed. (See below) Some recent testing challenged that thought process and […]

Gold Prospecting

Gold Cube Concentrator

The Gold Cube and Using GoldHog Mats By: Mike Primer, Commercial Mining Consultant The Gold Cube is a very good piece of equipment and Doc has owned one for about 6 years. However according to […]

Gold Prospecting

Wave Mat Testing

Wave Mat Testing Notes – Basic Wave Mat (Not the Big Wave Mat) Wednesday Jan 9, 2018 NOTE: The Full Wave Mat info page is → HERE.  These are just field notes from Doc. Setup… A […]

Gold Prospecting

Iphone Level Moved Location

Where is the angle, pitch, and level for the IPHONE? IOS 12 update. Gold prospectors and gold miners can use their iphones to tune and level their sluices. Finding the app is the first step […]

Gold Prospecting

Commercial Gold Op with GoldHog Mats

The Perfect Size Gold Op? I’m sharing some emails and pics which Bill was nice enough to send us.  One reason I’m sharing is the SIZE of the operation. To me, I think many “prospectors” […]

Gold EDU / Learning

Tuning Your Sluice – The Fear Factor

Tuning Your Gold Sluice The Fear Factor By DOC , Whether you’re a commercial operation running 200 yards an hour or a new prospector running a stream sluice for the very first time, I […]

Gold Prospecting

Doc’s Favorite Invention

My Favorite Invention? The other day someone asked me, “What product do I consider my greatest or favorite invention?”  You know it was a good question because it made me pause… and took me a […]