Raw Pay Dirt / Gold Concentrates for Sale

*** Sold Out*** 

During this time of year, Feb – June,  we have to focus all our attention on the production of mining equipment, Therefore we do not sell pay dirt during this period. Thanks.  

Honestly… we don’t sell these because we make a bunch of money. It’s a VERY small part of our business and Doc only sells them because people keep requesting them.  We currently are selling RAW PAY DIRT with some crushed ore mixed in. There is gold added and gems added to make sure you have some fun.  However, the raw pay is 100% untouched. So there can always be more.  It’s a pretty good size bag of dirt. Roughly 2 quarts of raw pay.

Do NOT order without watching the video first.

#1 – $56 + shipping for US orders only

#2 – All orders are shipped the next BUSINESS
day via USPS priority mail.

#3 – Every box has at least 1/2 gram of gold.

#4 – We make sure that every box has some gems.

#5 – This is NASTY raw pay, not concentrates.
Take your time as some of the gold is VERY fine.

#6 – Shipping is $12.85 and $5 more for each additional bag.


Click button to see video.


Our gold concentrates / raw pay dirt is excavated pay from private property. Much of this area has not been touched for 1000s of years. It is FULL of clay and silt so panning it is a challenge. Make sure… you do NOT throw away the dirt when you get done. There will be MICROSCOPIC gold remaining after you pan it.  Also, make sure you study the black sands and heavies. It’s a great learning experience.

*** Sold Out*** 

What the raw pay looks like.

Packed up………