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Yukon Mat™ - Miners Moss Replacement

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Gold Hog Yukon Mat

yukon sluice mat


The new Yukon Mat has been in quiet development for roughly 2 years. 
It’s our first matting that is design ONLY to work under metal / replace miner’s moss.
(Meaning under expanded metal or riffles.)  All of our other mats run BARE with nothing on top of them.  It is also offered in pre-made sections of 36” wide x 48” long for commercial ops, as well as individual strips for others.

It is designed to run under 4 pound or larger expanded metal. It is not designed to run under small expanded metal such as 1/2"  

Active / Open exchange during long runs…
Miners moss quickly starts to load up with sands and heavies as soon as you start running. In fact at least 50% of your moss remains “inactive” during your entire run. We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU… to watch the video below and you will understand better.  The Yukon Mat remains MORE OPEN and active during the entire run, as well as offering “dual zone” exchange.

Horizontal Oscillation VS. IEZ’s
Miner’s moss sits tightly against expanded metal and riffles. This “LOCKS IN” each individual pocket / or capture zone.  So… if you have expanded metal that has 2” diamonds in its pattern, the gold must stay within that 2” diamond and not move.  
With the Yukon Mat, you’ll constantly see particles and gold moving side to side, free to move.  This greatly reduces IMPACTION of your sluice.  We like to think of it as an active “sub-culture” under your grating.

Less Cons…
Because there are few “dead zones” or inactive zones, there is less waste material and lights. This means up to 50% fewer cons which can greatly reduce labor costs and cleanup times.

Easy Cleaning…
The Yukon Mat is a rubber grooved mat, not a porous carpet you have to battle. 
Roll inside out, dip in a tub, and rinse. You’re done.  Each mat can be cleaned out 100% in about 30 seconds vs. several minutes with moss, which may still hold gold after being cleaned.



Options for ordering.

Pre-Made Commercial Op Mats
36" wide and Approximately 46" long.

Or... Single Strips to make your own.
Approximately 36" wide and 6" long.


Tuning the Yukon Mat

The Yukon Mat will offer VARYING exchange areas throughout your sluice. It will look slightly "imbalanced". This is GOOD, and expected. The "diamonds" of the expanded metal fall differently on the matting groves creating multiple and varying exchange rates. If the gold is not caught in one zone, it will be caught in another. This is great for times of surging and varying sizes of gold. In most sluices it will require a different pitch than miners moss.

Picture #1 - Impaction / Lack of Exchange
In the image below both the grating diamond and the matting are completely full of material. This is known as impaction and little exchange is being created. Gold will simply ride down the sluice and not be caught.

tuning a gold sluice

Picture #2 Proper Balance
In the image below, you can see a little bit of the highest ridge of the matting, but it is not completely "cleaned out". This is the correct tuning point. If one of the sides of your sluice is more heavily impacted that the other, you have a flow / leveling problem in you sluice that needs to be addressed.

 As with ANY sluice system, there will be variances of tuning throughout the sluice. The upper portion of the sluice may have more energy than the lower sections. If your system FLARES OUT, reducing the GPH per inch / flow / water depth, the energy will also change. Therefore pitch adjustments may vary through out the sluice run.


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Pre-Made Commercial Mats... (36" x 46") -

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