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What Gold Hog Mat should you be using?

We get this question ALL the time, we understand it can get a little confusing.  So to better help you figure out the right mats, we think you should start by reading some of the posts in our FORUM>>>  HERE

Also, feel free to contact us for advice. The BEST THING you can do is shoot a 30 second video of your sluice running. Focus on the water running through the system. We can judge the energy and recommend matting VERY easily once we see a VIDEO. A simple phone video works great.

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What mat should you use?

This is probably one of the MOST important pages on this website. 
So, take the time to read it please.

Yes, you can screw this up….
We did many times before getting it right and understanding the science.

Our mats were developed from extensive research which involved a TON of science. So, not understanding it fully can really cause problems for some. Take the time to read and understand. If you “get it”…. you’ll see some AMAZING results.  Fine tuning and using the right mats in the right equipment is vital.

You should see ” to about 1” of flow over your mats and at a higher rate of speed. Tuning in your mat is critical and we address that HERE as well.

Two Critical Points from Doc...

1) When ever possible use a variety of mats in your box. Exposing your slurry / gold to a variety of surfaces, velocities, and captures zones is the best way to increase gold recovery of ALL sizes. Repeating the same thing over and over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. We STRONGLY believe that offering a variety of mats is the best practice for ALL operators.

2) Don't be a WIMP..... Lose the fear of losing gold. Most gold is lost not due to FAST water or flows / velocities  being too high, but rather it's due to the fact there is no ROOM for it. Fine gold often works its way down the sluice because other materials are filling up the CAPTURE ZONES and not being exchanged out quick enough.
When using our mats the operator should take the mats to empty. Yes, make EVERYTHING blow out of the mats with super fast water due to extreme pitch. THEN and ONLY then, start reducing the pitch. Reduce the pitch until you have a satisfactory capture rate. 
The biggest mistake is to start slow and slow it down more due to losses.

In a Water Based Dredge:

Floating or water based dredges have a totally different make up than other sluice beds. Quite often they use a flare jet which feeds the water directly into the sluice with no crash box / header box.  This creates VERY high volumes and levels of water in the sluice. You will often see very tall riffles in these dredges from the manufacture.  There is a reason for this.

In other words... even though they have DEEP water, dredge sluice boxes generally do NOT have high velocities and often the pitch adjustments are limited. We designed the new RiverHog dredge mat with this in mind. Most operators will slightly trim the main riffle. Again, testing YOUR box is key. Most dredges should be outiftted with alternating areas of Scrubber mat and RiverHog. If you have a 2 stage slucie box, use the Razorback mat in those areas where flow is quiet. 

In a Land Based Dredge:

Most land based dredges are very similar to a highbanker. The water level is usually flatter than a water based dredge. In this system all four mats can be used in combinations.  However, if you have a very large land based dredge or one that is pushing huge volume of water, it may fall into the same category as the water based dredge.  Talon and Trimmed Riverhog is mostly used in dredges.

In Highbankers:
Most highbankers should use the mats alone. Again, a combination of Scrubber, Talon,and RiverHog trimmed, will work well and expose the material to varying surfaces.  Most highbankers allow you to adjust the flow rate and pitch which allows you to perfectly tune the mats.

In Stream Sluices:
This is a bit tricky.  Quite often it is tough to get enough velocity in a stream sluice. Remember it’s not the VOLUME of water but the velocity / speed. So being able to get more water and pitch is critical.  The Razorback mat was specifically designed for stream sluices. However, Doc likes to put one or two pieces of Scrubber in as well.      

Commercial Operations

Every commercial operation is different. If you would like us to review your plant and op, simply send us the details via the contact page.  Also, see the recommended design layout below. (Click to enlarge.)




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