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Meet the Gold Hog Sluice Box Mats

goldhog sluice mats

EPDM Rubber Mats: Heavy, flexible, excellent heat, ozone and weather resistance. Can perform from 200 degrees to -20 degrees. Expected life span is 5+ years in standard sluicing operations, and 1-2 years in large commercial mining operations.
Weight is approximately 1 pound per foot.  

All mats are Patent Pending or Patented

All our mats are 36" WIDE and 6" long. This can be confusing.
The customer cuts the matting to their sluice width and assembles their
mat to the proper length.  ALL our mats interchange with common
interlocking male and female ends.

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MotherLode Sluice Mat ™- New for 2017

The new Motherlode sluice mat is a very smooth running mat, yet is still fairly aggressive on capture, exchange, and energy. Aggression with good exchange AND without turbulence... has long long been the dream of miners everywhere. Full testing is still ongoing for best placements. READ MORE HERE


The Talon Sluice Mat -

The new TALON sluice mat is a VERY aggressive sluice, but does not create high turbulence. It can be used in all highbankers and dredges, but should be combined with other mats for best results. It's MEAN... and aggressive down low where you want it.
See the info page CLICK HERE


DownDraft Mat ™

The DownDraft mat has been under development for over 6 months. Doc believes it is one of our best mats when it comes to having a broad spectrum of velocity capabilities. It can be used in everything from a stream sluice, all highbankers, up to mid size dredges. A GREAT mat for fine gold recovery. 


Scrubber Mat

The Scrubber mat (Patent Pending) is a low turbulence, but aggressive scrubbing mat. It is design to be used anywhere in the sluice box but works very well "up top" and helps break up clay and dirt releasing gold and heavy metals.
Made from extruded EPDM rubber, the mat is heavy, durable, and can withstand commercial sluice boxes in all temperature zones.
The mat is sold in 36" widths and the length, as seen above, is approximately 6". The "Water Flow Locking Connectors", male and female on each end can be glued, or taped to form a solid sluice mat.

Let’s explain how we do this and each function of the mat.

(Get ready for your head to hurt.)

Yes, we used every part of the mat to serve a purpose.
A- Small “V” grooves slightly slow down very heaviest of material before the lifting phase.  Prevents “launching them” into the upper layers. 

B- Gentle lift ramp. Not a sharp riffle or edge. This allows us to gently lift bottom material slightly without “throwing it” upwards.

C- Leveling ramp. Allows the heavies to now be traveling straight down the bed, vs. traveling upwards. Kind of like driving off a cliff vs. using a RAMP to jump a row of trucks.  (That’s scientific redneck stuff.) 

D and E- Combination of gravity drop ledge and gentle vortex.  Gold will immediately fall downward, and a gentle vortex will assist the heaviest materials downward.  The “V” grooves allow open cleaning to remove light material.  Gold now sitting on these grooves, is no longer in the “full current” of the water flow. 

F- Miniature riffles. These mini riffles help catch finer gold particles that didn’t make the “fall” of the first ramp. They are pulled downward and stored in the wash holes.

g- Settling steps. These reverse angled steps once again settle material allowing gold to hold and fall into settle gaps.  


Little Hog (UR Mat) -

The UR mat is great under header boxes. Made from extruded EPDM rubber, the mat is heavy, durable, and can withstand commercial sluice boxes in all temperature zones.
The mat is sold in 36" widths and the length, as seen above, is approximately 6". The "Water Flow Locking Connectors", male and female on each end can be glued, or taped to form a solid sluice mat.

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gold hog slucie mat

The Gold Hog Razorback Medium Velocity Mat  - Designed to work with sluices in a wide range of water flows. This includes stream sluices that often have trouble creating water speed need for our other mats. Testing has gone EXTREMELY well in highbankers.  

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Finally.... a Gold Hog mat for dredges.

Introducing the River Hog

The RiverHog sluice mat is designed for deeper water sluices such as dredges and commercial ops. However, one great feature is the ability to "trim" the large riffle to the operator's flow rate. So, it can be adjusted and used in a wide variety of products. We have even tested this mat in our mini highbanker with great results. A VERY aggressive face pattern uses a large riffle to cause traditional "flow interruption vortexes". The drop chambers and the PRE-RAMP grooves catch gold often before it even hits the riffle. We recommend that this mat be used in combination with the Scrubber and Razorback or even UR mat in most dredges. Offering VARYING SURFACES is the key to great gold recovery.  

sluice mat for dredges


The Gold Hog  Bedrock 2.0 Hybrid Sluice Mat

NEWLY redesigned for 2014, the Bedrock 2.0 mat is an AMAZING new mat. Will work in everything from a stream sluice to large commercial plants. Flow must be tuned for best performance. It creates almost ZERO turbulence and is great on fine gold.  



The Bedrock mat 
It was designed by Doc to add to our current line of mats.  The Bedrock mat is a hybrid mat. It combines a "drop" design with the cleaning and exchange power of a vortex.  This mat LOVES higher water speeds.

Where can you use it?
The Bedrock mat should be used in addition to our other mats. It can be used and mixed in with the Scrubber mat and the UR mat in areas of the sluice where water is fast.  Slow water does not do well with this mat, such as in stream sluices. There is not enough "energy" to get the proper exchange flowing.

Less classifying.
Larger rocks and lighter materials simply pass over this mat. If you look at the design, and imagine water flowing quickly over it, you'll understand. The only thing that drops are the heavier materials.

Fine gold?
Yes, even to our surprise this mat has the ability to separate out even super fine gold down to -200 mesh material.


The New WASHER MAT (The Finisher)

This is NOT a "sluice mat". It is a final cleanup matting that can covert a sluice into a super concentrator and assist in the cleaning of cons.

See the full Washer info HERE

The New Yukon Mat - Commercial Op Miner's Moss replacement.

Gold Hog Yukon Mat

Designed to run under 4 pound expanded metal or larger. The Yukon mat has its own web page.

See the full Yukon info HERE








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