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Raptor Flare Extension

The Raptor Flare extension is not needed by everyone. The Raptor Flare by itself will capture 98% of all the gold that runs through it down to 100 mesh. However, there are a few reasons some may want it.

- Very high volumes. Have a whole crew dumping buckets? The extension might be a good idea due to incremental processing.

- Running in areas with nothing but a huge amount of tiny gold? Might be a good idea if you want to keep feed rates high.

- Running in areas with large amounts of clay causing thick slurries? Might be a good idea.

The Raptor Flare extension comes with...
- 36" long sluice designed to fit both the Raptor Flare 2.0 and original Flare.
- Pre-mats. First mat is Talon the the rest is all MotherLode mat.
- Legs and brackets.
- Holes pre-drilled to attach.

Raptor Flare Extension

 Cost for the lower 48 U.S.  $278 + $28 shipping

For all other orders please email us for a quote using the contact page.

US Only $278 + $28 Shipping

How to install...

1) Set up your Raptor Flare like you're about to run it.

2) Insert mat into the extension with legs attached.

3) Estimate the pitch you want to run it. (Most will run at about 9 degrees)
    Overlap the two trays about 2" and make sure the top tray (old flare box)
    is gently resting on the new extension mat.

4) Drill through top hole on each side and insert bolts. Double check. Then
    drill the rest of the holes.

When you first start to run you may see a little water leak out between trays, that's normal. It's the vortex created and why we start with a Talon mat. Eventually mud and silt will plug up those leaks. Besides... we have tested the leaking water and never found any gold. 








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