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A special note from our founder and lead developer...

First, I wanted to thank all of those that inspired me to continue the research on these mats.  It was a long 12 months, but something to look back on with a sense of accomplishment.  This was more of a PASSION than anything, not a way to bring a new product to market. We did this for us, and our systems, hopefully we can share and all can enjoy.

PLEASE... take the time READ IT.

(There are some VERY important points as you proceed that you should understand and will help with ordering.)

I'll be VERY honest.
Once we started getting quotes in for producing this product, we almost didn't release it. I wanted to hit a certain "price point", but the only way to reach my goal was to have it produced overseas.  I was NOT willing to do that.  (We are talking about a 30% cost difference.)

Our Mats are NOT for everyone...

Some people think spending $99 on a sluice is a lot of money, while others see spending $6500 on a dredge is a steal. We get this...  Some will see the products as expensive, others as great deal. 

I want all that order to understand that the cost is due to a high quality product, produced in the U.S., to a limited market, and NOT due to high profit margins.
We barely left enough room for distributors, and some may not carry it due to the low margin.

The ONE THING I can assure you of....
You are buying one of the best sluice mats in the Nation, with exceptional recovery ability, and designed and tested in high water volume settings.

Again... thanks for your support and encouragement over these many months.

The Gold Hog

Proud Veteran of the US Marine Corps
Proud Father of great kids.
Humble Gold Miner

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