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New for 2017

The MotherLode Sluice Mat ™

(Larger Commercial Mats are Below)

motherlode sluice mat

IMPORTANT NOTE: The MotherLode mat is a smooth running mat that DOES NOT have any flow interruption. (Larger Riffles) It should be used in the lower end of sluices for finishing the slurry. If you have any LARGER GOLD... you should make sure it is exposed to something with riffles like the Talon mat before it runs over this mat.


The MotherLode sluice mat is designed to be a SMOOTH running mat that creates very little turbulence, but at the same time offers good exchange and aggressive capture. Because of this unique, patent pending design, it works well with thicker slurries to help catch fine gold.  It can be used in a wide variety of of systems from small prospecting equipment to large commercial plants running 200 yards an hour.


As long as you can adjust your pitch... and learn how to tune it properly... the mat will work in your system. It has NOT been tested on dredges or on beach sands as of yet.

The problem with thicker slurries and any slurry really, is that traditional riffles and large expanded metal constantly throw fine gold back up into the the higher levels of the slurry. It's TRYING to settle, but it keeps being thrown back up.  The new MotherLode Mat™ does NOT do this.  The slurry is allowed to run smooth, the fine gold is settling, and the exchange takes place.

The mat is sold in our normal 36" WIDE... by 6" long strips or in a pre-made commercial mat of 36" wide x 48" long.

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Commercial size mat

Pre-Made Commercial Op Mats
36" wide and Approximately 46" long.

Commercial size MotherLode mats come 36" wide and approx 46" long. They come with side tape already in place.

US Lower 48 orders...   $258 plus $19 shipping.

All other orders please use the contact form for quote.

US Only Lower 48 $258 plus $19 Shipping


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