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Gold Hog Mini Highbanker

Little Size - HUGE Production Rates

The Excavator

The Excavator is our new lightweight mini that acts and performs like a "biggy". Weighing in at only 17.5 pounds it can be packed in long distances with ease.

- Little to no classifying depending on pumps used.
- Runs on gas pump or electric.
- Comes with
everything except pumps and hoses.

$490 plus S&H
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The Excavator...
When Doc designed this unit he wanted a "mini" that was different than most.  It had to be lightweight, very portable, and be able to process HUGE amounts of material.
Using our Gold Hog mats, we believe this unit will outperform most in the mini class today.  A real dynamo. Comes with all matting pre-installed.

The PROBLEMS with minis?
Most are considered "entry level units". Which means of course that the average prospector outgrows them quickly. Not the Excavator...  It is powerful enough to used by commercial ops for field testing, as well as very experienced prospectors.

See more info about recommend pumps and hoses below videos.

The New Video...
An introduction to the Excavator.

Now Shipping... Generation #3
Watch the video.

Sluice Extension is NOT included.

It is available HERE



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What pump to use?

Stay small... there are 2.5 hp which are 1.5" hose fitted. Be careful... not all of these push 50 GPM. Make sure the one you buy does. Some of the 2.5 hp engines are rated around 1900 GPH, but you want the ones that are rated at 3000 GPH. You can find them on Ebay:

 This link works most of the time.


This link

What about electric?
Yes, if you want to run electric you can get two cheap 1500 GPH bilge pumps with
 1-1/8" hoses. We like to run gas better, but often that is not an option. We have also run with two 1100 gph pumps with pre-classified material.

What hose?
A cheap 1-1/2" layflat hose will work. The unit comes with a FEMALE threaded end, but you can change that with a quick trip to Home Depot or a plumbing store.
Here is a great link to the hoses we buy. HERE

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Mini Extension

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