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High-Tech Sluice Mats

We have changed the way miners capture gold, improved recovery rates,
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* New Release *

The Raptor & Raptor Flare Highbankers

6 months in development and a large amount of testing later, the new Raptor highbanker is released.  A portable, lightweight unit that can still run large volume.  Can be pair with small, cheap pump options as well.

It is DEADLY on fine gold.

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HighBankers & Recovery Machines

A highbanker for every size and need.

The Mini - The Stacking - The Viper - The Monster

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The Gold Hog (UR) mat effectively turns your sluice bed into a "quasi" fluid bed, maintaining a constant active exchange of the heaviest materials. With the ability to hold large gold (over 1/4") and extreme fine gold (-100) it is designed and tested to withstand the harshest conditions.  High water flow rates, extreme temperatures, and a variety of soils and materials.  View Active Design

Gold Hog Sluice Mat

The Gold Hog Low Turbulence Scrubber mat keeps gold at the bottom of your sluice bed, not throwing it back up into the slurry like riffles, working the soil / material and scrubbing it apart extracting gold and heavies. More info HERE...
Gold Hog Sluice Mat

The Gold Hog Razorback Medium Velocity Mat  - Designed to work with sluices in a wide range of water flows. This includes stream sluices that often have trouble creating water speed need for our other mats.

gold hog slucie mat

The Gold Hog  RiverHog Deep Water Sluice Mat
The RiverHog sluice mat is a great addition to our line up of sluice mats. Originally designed for dredges and commercial ops, this mat can also be MODIFIED by the customer to work with almost any highbanker as well. The large flow interrupting riffle can be trimmed to height based on the users water flow and depth. Watch the videos to learn more. 


The Gold Hog  Bedrock 2.0 Hybrid Sluice Mat

NEWLY redesigned for 2014, the Bedrock 2.0 mat is an AMAZING new mat. Will work in everything from a stream sluice to large commercial plants. Flow must be tuned for best performance. It creates almost ZERO turbulence and is great on fine gold.  



New Viper Highbanker






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Jeff P. California 

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