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Gold Hog Washer Mat ™

Patent Pending

Convert Your Highbanker or Sluice Into a Concentrate Cleaner

Clean Your Cons in Minutes.. Not Hours

READ CAREFULLY....The washer mat™ is NOT a sluice mat. It's a concentrate super reduction matting that assists in the cleaning of concentrates, after your primary run. For most miners it will reduce the amount of concentrates at a ratio of 10:1  (a 90% reduction) and capture 90% + of the gold with little to no classifying on the first run. 

While testing is still ongoing... here are the basic settings.

Water GPH: Approximately 100 gallons per inch, per hour. So for a 10" wide sluice an 1100 gph bilge pump works just about perfect.

Pitch: This will vary slightly from user to user based on the gold and material, but somewhere between 10 - 13 degrees in pitch. Doc thinks 11.5 is the magic number, but this might change.

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Just like our other mats, the Washer Mat is sold in 36" WIDE... x 6" long strips.


US Orders...

Washer Mat US Only       $35.85 plus shipping

Canada Orders...

Washer Mat Canada  $35.85 plus shipping



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