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We have stopped updating this page due to large number of videos
we have produced. Many more are on our YouTube Channel including
our recent trips. See them >>>>> HERE

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Final Testing Video
Includes the new Razorback Mat



How to run the mats...

Pushing your water SPEED to the extreme.


The Big Picture
Tons of Information - Tons of Tips
Our latest video - See breakdown below it.


00:00 Intro and why we came out with the mats.
6:00 Meet BAGEM, the 100% gold recovery machine from our testing.
9:18 Tips and tricks. Not just on our mats.
19:31 What mat should I use for highbankers, dredges, sluices.
26:30 Active vs. Passive matting.
42:45 Exchange Rates... IMPORTANT... the whole basis for our mats.
53:35 Slicks plates... why we are getting RID of them.
1:05:20 Testing for small gold, running mats and testing.
1:21:53 2nd test Scrubber only.
1:32:31 A "teaser" and a special announcement.

The Scrubber Mat and Sluice Science



Our most recent video showing us using the Scrubber mat and UR mat in our Gold Hog highbanker and dredge. (Breakdown below video.)


Begin: Intro to the Gold Hog Highbanker...
8:38 - Critical Points about our mattings...
16:38 - Like Gems??? Custom Mod
21:29 - Skimming Tray Understanding...
27:35 - Set Up in the field...
38:46 - Timed run of ONE TON of material...
47:14 - Shut down and quick clean...
54:42 - Running Electric...
55:42 - Dredging and highbanker at the same time...
1:03 - Some of the gold and some history of location...
1:12 - Tour of Gold N Gems in Georgia...
1:19 - Looking at the cons and gold...

The Science of Gold Hog matting.
Same video from front page. (17 minutes)

Episode 2:
We learn about using the Gold Hog UR mat with both riffles and expanded metal. We also answer some questions about riffle spacing.  (28 minutes)


Episode 3:
We learn in DETAIL about the mats' designs, function, and use. Learn the difference between ACTIVE and PASSIVE matting. Some REALLY neat testing footage at the end of the show. (42 minutes)



Episode 4:
Vortex Matting vs. Gold Hog Matting. Understanding when to use what mat. High volume water flow vs. low flow. Dredges, highbankers, and sluices.


Episode 5:
How to install with tips and tricks. "Doc" walks you through how to use and install your new Gold Hog matting. Some tricks, tips and advice as well. 30 minutes.


Making a commercial gold mine mat.
Figured I would record making a large mat.
20" x 134" total. Now that's a sluice!


Episode 6:
Install mats at a commercial mining operation. (18 minutes)


Episode 7: UR Mat Flow Rate Study (HD) Recordings of various flow rates. 12 min





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