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Gold Hog Highbanker



Important Update

Doc has decided to stop the production of the stacking highbanker unit.

After many years of this selling this unit we think the Raptor Flare 2.0 is a better choice for most prospectors. It is less expensive, just as efficient if not more, moves more material, and much easier to ship and transport.

This was a tough decision for us because the stacking unit is very unique. However as far as value, performance, capture rates, etc, the Raptor Flare 2.0 is just the winner.

You can see all the details here: RAPTOR FLARE 2.0


gold highbanker






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- Run up to 2.5 TONS per hour. (100+, 5 gallon buckets.)
- Self classifies material to roughly 1/4"
- Exposes your material to varying surfaces and velocities.
(Not the same one over and over.) 
- Made for both Prospecting and Commercial operations.
(A serious piece of gold recovery equipment.)
- Great for drill and field testing on commercial ops.
- Can have over 100" (8 feet) of active sluice bed working material for gold extraction and recovery.

The Gold Hog ™  ,tough as a Wild Boar, hungry as a PIG, compact and willing to take on any dirt you feed it.

The Gold Hog  Combination Highbanker, Dredge and Concentrator is the next generation in gold processing and prospecting.  It is truly one of the most versatile units on the market.
The Gold Hog bridges the steps between recreational prospecting and large scale mining. The machine is designed to handle HUGE amounts of material without the need for classifying.

The field test and use video...

(See Chapter Breakdown Below)


Begin: Intro to the Gold Hog Highbanker...
8:38 - Critical Points about our mattings...
16:38 - Like Gems??? Custom Mod
21:29 - Skimming Tray Understanding...
27:35 - Set Up in the field...
38:46 - Timed run of ONE TON of material...
47:14 - Shut down and quick clean...
54:42 - Running Electric...
55:42 - Dredging and highbanker at the same time...
1:03 - Some of the gold and some history of location...
1:12 - Tour of Gold N Gems in Georgia...
1:19 - Looking at the cons and gold...

Watch the video below.
Full version now up as well.

The FULL Version of the Product Video 47 minutes.


This video has not been updated with new features, setup, or mats.
We have listed the new setup below.



Technical Specs and Information

Total Weight: 36 lbs with all trays and legs.

Width: 10" (Trays fit inside 5 gallon bucket for easy cleaning.)

Height: Varies with set up. Tallest is with all trays and header box. Approx 39"

Sluice Processing Area: 80" of active matting surface with 3 trays, plus 30" of slick plate / skimming area.

What's Included?

The unit is sold ONLY ONE WAY....

3- processing trays.
1- Skimming tray.
1 - Header box.
4 - Legs and swivel brackets. (Newly designed legs.)
1 - Skimming tray mat.
3- Tray mats of varying matting. (pre-made)
1 -  1/4" perf / punch screen for under headerbox.
1- Main 2" PVC water hook up with 2" FEMALE attachment.
    (You can always change this with cheap PVC fittings you buy.)
2- 1-1/8" barbed hose attachments for bilge pump hoses.
1 - Longer conversion super con mat, used when concentrating material. 

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The New 2.0 Version is Now SHipping



What is the cost?

We did our best to keep this high-end, custom made unit near the price of an "entry level" unit. All the above is now included for $1390 plus S&H. It is ready to run excluding a pump and hose. 
Note... we spent a great deal of time redesigning our shipping containers and can now offer a flat rate shipping cost of $89 anywhere in the U.S. (Excludes Alaska and Hawaii) See the ordering page those costs and international shipping rates.  

Special Notes

Custom Made for You...
These units are NOT, mass produced.
Each unit is custom made. We have a high-tech machine shop, located in GA, that plasma cuts the units based on specific computer diagrams and does the basic manufacturing. Once we receive the unit from them into our shop, over 4 hours of finishing labor begins. Each unit is inspected boxed and shipped.

Simplicity is Key...
We constantly REMOVED items that often cause problems in the field or on long trips. Simple plumbing can be replaced at any hardware store if needed.

Designed for VERY high output / processing levels.
A test run, with 3 men and one shovel, was able to process 5.5 TONS of material in just 4 hours.

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