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Gold Hog - Gold Cube Concentrator


Yes, we love our Gold Cube...
We have been huge fans of the cube since last year when we added it to our collection of great equipment.  Our mattings produce a TON of heavies and concentrates, therefore the Gold Cube is a VALUABLE item in our finishing process.

Please Note....
If you are going to order a Gold Cube, we you can do so through this link >>>>>  goldcube.net  It allows us to earn a small commission without impacting your purchase price.  (or the banner above)
You will ALSO be purchasing DIRECTLY from the manufacturer and get great customer service if ever needed.

Our Gold Cube video collection will be growing weekly.

The LONG version.... 43 minutes
This video is quite long and extensive, but if you are considering purchasing one, we think you will enjoy it.


If you enjoyed this video and want to purchase a Gold Cube, you can do so buy clicking here ... goldcube.net










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