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Gold Hog

Gold Concentrates 

(Pictures Below)

Available for U.S. Customers only.

Before you proceed...

Watch the video BEFORE ordering.


Selling Concentrates is a RISKY game and one that we PRIDE ourselves on. We take a VERY HONEST and upfront approach.


Due to the fact we do not manipulate our cons, by removing or adding gold, no two bags are alike and there is NEVER a satisfaction guarantee.  Some bags will be good others will be not so good. However, that is what makes it fun. Plus every bag now has gems.


New 2014 Mystery GEM and GOLD Cons

Take our famous Mystery Cons... add in some rough gems... what do you have?

A BLAST........ that's for sure.

Very few people ever get to experience the thrill of finding rough gems. It's an educational experience as well as a FUN one.
Over the years we have gathered a large collection of gems not only from the south east, but all over the world. Now you can share in this collection.

Each bag usually contains 3-5 rough gems.
Keep in mind that 95% of rough gems are NOT facet quality stones, but... many can be cut into finished stones. 

Most people will find examples of gems such as amethyst, rubies, emeralds, citrine, topaz, garnets and more.

If you have kids...... these cons are AMAZING for them. They'll have a blast.
Now keep in mind these cons also contain gold. Much of which is VERY fine. So after you search for the gems, pan out one tablespoon at a time to get all the fine gold.

See pictures below and watch video before ordering. 

$59 per bag. Bag is just under one quart.
$6 flat rate shipping per order.

US Customers Only


2014 Mystery GEM and GOLD SAMPLER BAG

Our sampler bags are 1/3 (one third) of the bags shown above. They contain approx one cup of our Mystery cons and a few gems as well. 

Doc doesn't like selling these as the risk of having less than good gold increases, but we have had numerous requests to bring them back.

So you win..............

These ship to the U.S. only and the limit is two bags per order.



Sampler Bag $19.90 + $6 flat rate.


Example of actual bag worked down and the results from the Gem and gold bags.


Here are some samplings of some of the gold from our mystery cons.
AGAIN... every bag will vary.










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